Antibody Licensing

Immuquest is committed to expanding our range of antibodies, not as a scattergun approach, but targeted in the areas that we have identified as foci of scientific interest. Of particular interest going forward are Cancer, DNA Repair Pathways, Epigenetics and Neuroscience.

Do you want to help other scientists in their quest for discovery?

Have you considered earning revenue for your group by commercialising the antibodies you have made?

Are you wasting valuable technician time in sending out free samples of your antibody to other groups?

If you have made an antibody that works well, and is related to our products, we would be keen to discuss the possibility of licensing your antibody. Our flexible and simple licensing arrangements mean that, with little extra effort from yourself, you can generate an income stream to further enhance your research.

For a confidential discussion with one of our personnel, or to obtain more information on this service, please use our contact page or contact:

Tel:  +44 (0)1642 715375