Metabolism Antibodies

Metabolism antibody science focuses on the cellular processes, catabolism and anabolism, which support the maintenance of cell functions through the breakdown of molecules for energy and the corresponding use of this energy to construct cell structures such as proteins and nucleic acids.

Metabolism antibodies research is important in understanding the homeostatic process of cellular regulation and metabolic pathways and numerous diseases of metabolic errors eg phenylketonuria and porphyria.

Metabolism antibodies are available in the following volumes including 0.05 ml, 0.1ml, 0.2 ml, 1 ml and 2 ml.

Research Notes on metabolism antibodies are available

GST antibody [2H3-D10]

GST (Glutathione S-Transferase) is a 26kDa protein encoded by the parasitic helminth Schistosoma japonicum and widely used in the pGEX family of GST plasmid expression vectors as a fusion protein with foreign proteins

Product Code:IQ560
Reactivity: Schistosoma japonicum 
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Apolipoprotein E4 Antibody [4E4]

Apolipoprotein E, a main apoprotein of the chylomicron, binds to a specific receptor on liver cells and peripheral cells and is essential for the normal catabolism of triglyceride-rich lipoprotein constituents.ApoE exists in three major isoforms; E2, E3, and E4, which differ from one another by a single amino-acid substitution. Individuals heterozygous for the ApoE4 allele are at higher risk of late-onset Alzheimer's disease. Defects in apolipoprotein E result in familial dysbetalipoproteinemia, or type III hyperlipoproteinemia (HLP III), in which increased levels of plasma cholesterol and triglycerides are the consequence of impaired clearance of chylomicron and VLDL remnants

Product Code:IQ552
Reactivity: Human
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HDAC3 Antibody [3G6]

Responsible for the deacetylation of lysine residues on the N-terminal part of the core histones (H2A, H2B, H3 and H4). Histone deacetylation gives a tag for epigenetic repression and plays an important role in transcriptional regulation, cell cycle progression and developmental events. Histone deacetylases act via the formation of large multiprotein complexes. Probably participates in the regulation of transcription through its binding to the zinc-finger transcription factor YY1; increases YY1 repression activity. Required to repress transcription of the POU1F1 transcription factor. Acts as a molecular chaperone for shuttling phosphorylated NR2C1 to PML bodies for sumoylation

Product Code:IQ553
Reactivity: Human, Mouse 
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GAD65 Antibody [144]

GAD65 antibody [144] at 1/1000 dilution (in PBS-T for 18 hours at 4°C) + Tissue lysate of Human brain synaptosomes at 20 µg

Product Code:IQ442
Reactivity: Mouse, Rat, Human
Application: Western blot,Flow cytometry,Immunoprecipitation
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NQO1 Antibody [A180]

Product Code:IQ343
Reactivity: Mouse, Rat, Dog, Human, Monkey
Application: ELISA,Immunoblot,Immunohistochemistry (paraffin sections),Western blot,Immunoprecipitation
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NQO1 Antibody [A180]

Immunohistochemistry showing Anti-NQ01 on formalin fixed paraffin embedded kidney tissue

Product Code:IQ342
Reactivity: Mouse, Rat, Dog, Human, Monkey
Application: Immunohistochemistry (paraffin sections),Western blot,Immunoprecipitation
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