MRSA (PBP2a) Monoclonal Antibody Collection

Immuquest’s antibody IQ377 MRSA PBP2a, has been demonstrated to be specific for the PBP2a protein (Penicillin binding protein 2). This antibody has been shown to be suitable for use in ELISA and Western blotting techniques to detect PBP2a in a wide range of MRSA strains, including those isolated from infected human, cattle, swine and chicken.

In an in-depth study by Andre Skepple in 2013 (MSc thesis, Kingston University, click to view HERE), the MRSA monoclonal antibody AC10 (IQ377) was compared with a panel of 9 other MRSA monoclonal antibodies used in a sandwich ELISA, and showed the best and most discriminating antigen binding against the PBP2a target as a capture antibody. The AC10 antibody showed clear discrimination between MRSA and MSSA strains.

The demonstration of specific binding to the MRSA related PBP2a protein, provides a potential route for developing tests that can detect MRSA infections using immunoassays or potentially in rapid tests such as lateral flow assays, as antibodies specific for PBP2a can be applied in such tests.

 IQ377 MRSA PBP2a antibody, for MRSA detection specifically for PBP2a Protein. It is available for evaluation and may be of particular interest for customers wanting to develop tests for MRSA. Bulk amounts are available for immunoassay manufacturing purposes and are currently available in conjugated formats: Biotin, HRP and FITC. Other formats are also available on request.