Biotin Antibodies

In response to customer requests we have recently significantly increased our range of Biotin conjugated primary antibodies.  These high quality conjugates provide researchers with great flexibility in a range of applications, and are particularly valuable in ELISA systems and in multi-colour flow cytometry or immunofluorescence.

Our biotin conjugates can be paired with enzyme or fluorochrome conjugated Streptavidin to provide highly sensitive detection systems.  Our initial range includes a selection of antibodies for flow cytometry immunophenotyping, alongside commonly used anti-tag reagents for protein detection.  We also offer a range of conjugates suitable for ELISA applications, including key hormones and immunoglobulins.

Our range of biotin conjugates will continue to expand in the coming months.  If you have a particular request for a conjugated antibody please contact us to let us know, and we can prioritise our pipeline for you.